How to Order Printed Copies

If your book has 16 or more pages including the covers, the options to order hard copies will appear in the checkout. Please note that you need at least 16 pages for glossy and matte softcover magazines and at least 24 pages for paperbacks, hardcovers, and layflat hardcovers.

To order hard copies of your book, click on the Checkout link in the top toolbar of the BookBildr Editor:

Wait for BookBildr to generate a print-ready file. Important: do not refresh the page at this stage:

Once the file is ready, the popup will display a link. Click on it and it will open the checkout page in the new tab:

Select the book type you want to order and click Next:

Some book types offer subtypes. Select the subtype you like and click on Next:

Select the size of your book and click Next:

Adjust the quantity for your order. We offer volume discounts for standard book types. When done, click on Next:

Enter your shipping address. There are also options to enter a separate billing address and another shipping address, a handy option when you want to send your book to several people. Note: multiple shipping is only available in the same country. When done, click on Next:

You will see an overview of your order. If you have a discount code, enter it on this page:

Select a payment method that works best for you and click Next. Then, follow the payment instructions:

After you place your order, you’ll get a confirmation email with the details. Once we ship your book, you’ll get another email with a tracking link.

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