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Wholesale Screwdriver

  • Provide a wide range of bulk screwdriver wholesale services, including individual screwdriver or a set of basic screwdrivers, precision screwdrivers, insulated screwdrivers, hex key, ratchet screwdriver, multi-bit screwdrivers, etc.
  • Made of high-quality materials to ensure longevity and durability, providing great commodity value.
  • Various styles, sizes and handles are available to handle any task.
  • Own screwdriver manufacturing factory, provide one-stop screwdriver wholesale service with competitive price.

One-stop Screwdriver Wholesale

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Why Choose FOXWOLL's Bulk Screwdrivers​

Own Factory​

Our bulk screwdrivers are sourced from our own manufacturing facility, which greatly reduces manufacturing costs and guarantees the quality of the screwdrivers

Wide Variety Of Screwdrivers​

More than 100 stock screwdriver styles to choose from, the category involves basic screwdriver, precision screwdriver, hex key, insulated screwdriver, ratchet screwdriver, multi-bit screwdriver, etc.

Price Advantage

We have mass production, which is helpful to reduce the cost. In the hand tool industry industrial cluster area of China, we work with local suppliers efficiently. This allows us to offer our customers competitive prices

Logistics Service​

We serve 200+ customers worldwide, delivery by sea, by air, by express or by railway are available, also could arrange delivery to your warehouse directly. At the same time our team is always ready to provide you with information on shipment and on-time delivery.


Every customer is very important to us, so our bulk screwdrivers have flexible MOQs to suit large and small orders.you can contact us for details

Get Screwdrivers in Bulk Step-by-step



Customized screwdriver (OEM/ODM)

Our design and development department will provide relevant custom designs for confirmation according to your needs


Launch new mold and make sample

After confirming the design, we will prepare the mold to manufacture the sample of the custom screwdriver. After the sample is confirmed, we will start the next stage


Order finished screwdrivers

We have hundreds of screwdrivers to choose from, you can browse our catalog.After the sample is confirmed, we will start the next stage


Efficient Manufacturing

After the order is confirmed, the factory enters the production stage. Our own factory ensures our production speed and the screwdriver can be delivered on time


Logistics and transportation

Serving 200+ customers around the world, there are many options for sea and air transportation, and can be shipped directly to designated warehouses, so you don't have to worry

Browse All FOXWOLL Tools And Hardware Products

Browse All Foxwoll Tools And Hardware Products​

Buy Screwdrivers in Bulk

FOXWOLL aims to produce screwdrivers that can meet the different needs of each customer. Therefore, we provide a large variety of screwdriver wholesale services. You can choose the appropriate screwdriver according to different types, blade lengths, and ways of use.

We have pre-designed screwdrivers for you to choose, but if you have special requirements for screwdrivers, we can customize screwdrivers for you. We can develop and design corresponding screwdrivers according to your needs to match your brand and help you increase sales.

If you don’t have a warehouse to store your inventory, we have plenty of storage space to help you manage your inventory and ensure it’s safe and complete. As for logistics, we provide a variety of options such as sea freight and air freight, which can be shipped directly to designated warehouses. This makes FOXWOLL your best choice when wholesale screwdrivers in China.

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