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Research and development (R&D) is an invaluable tool for growing and improving a business. Hand tool R&D involves studying your tool market and customer needs and developing new and improved products and services to meet those needs. FOXWOLL has a clear R&D strategy and has a greater chance of success than a business without an R&D strategy. R&D strategies can lead to innovation and increased productivity, and can enhance your business’s competitive advantage.
FOXWOLL has its own R&D department, our purpose is mainly to combine in-house capabilities and expertise with the market needs of our partners, we ensure that the solutions we propose provide the best way to meet the needs of each tool, so that our team We can produce hand tools in line with market trends together with customers.

Our Research & Development Capabilities

Experienced Team

FOXWOLL's technical research and development team has more than 15 years of experience in the hand tool industry. In the continuous innovation and efforts, the team has obtained more than 30 patents. The team maintains the spirit of active exploration of the hand tool industry and continues to provide customers with comprehensive support.

Focus On The Development & Trend Of The Market

Hand tools are widely used in various industries. With the changes and innovations in various industries, the application requirements for hand tools are constantly changing and upgrading. According to the needs of the market, the R&D team of FOXWOLL pays attention to the market dynamics, combines its own design concepts, and outputs high-quality tools to solve the application needs of different industries.

Customer-centric Technical Support

Combining market trends and individual needs of customers, we provide customers with the most suitable solutions from tool design, manufacturing to product packaging. At present, more than 600 models of products have been customized and developed for customers from more than 20 different countries. While meeting the individual needs of customers, it controls the overall cost, conforms to the innovative development trend of the tool market, and improves the competitiveness of customers in the local market.

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