Previewing Your Book

BookBildr lets you preview your book to check the general layout of the pages. Please note that the exact formatting might differ between book types, but the order of the pages (left-right) will be just like in the preview.

How to Preview Your Book #

You can preview your book at any time and check the layout of the pages. To do that, click on the Preview icon:

BookBildr Preview

The Preview litebox will appear. Click on a corner to turn pages:

Preview litebox

Click on the X icon in the top right corner to close Preview.

Note: the Preview feature is for information purposes only to check the layout and the order of your pages. The exact way your book is going to be printed depends on the format you choose. Go to FAQBook Formatting tab for more details.

Using the Spread View Mode #

You can also see how your book will look when you zoom out to 33%. That way the book view will switch to Spread View Mode and you’ll be able to edit your book in spreads.

spread layout

How to Share Your BookBildr Project (available only on BookBildr for Education) #

BookBildr makes it possible for you to share your book project with your friends and get feedback. The sharing mode is view-only, which means nobody but you will be able to edit your book. However, your friends will be able to leave comments.

To share your BookBildr project, click on the Share icon:

BookBildr share icon

In the popup window that appears, enter the email address of the person you want to share your book with and click on the Share button:

Your friend will get an email with a link to view the book. Please note that he or she needs to be logged in to their BookBildr account to view the book.

How to Leave Comments (available only on BookBildr for Education) #

To comment on your own BookBildr project or on a project that was shared with you, click on the Comment icon:

BookBildr comment icon

Type your comment in the comment box and click on the Send button. Your comment will be added.

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